Pick-Your-Own Berry Farm.

Organically grown for 35 years, our berries have never been sprayed.

Sunday January 15th – last day for berry picking.

During the summer season our range of raspberries, cultivated blackberries and many other varieties are available for “pick-your-own”.

Berry Report

Check here for updates throughout the season


Last updated @ 16th January 2023

RaspberriesNone available,
American BrambleberriesNone available
BoysenberriesNone available.
YoungberriesNone available
MarionberriesNone available.
LoganberriesWallaby and kangaroo damage.

Blackcurrant/gooseberry cross
Not available
RhubarbNot available for pick your own. Generous bunch - $8
Red & Black CurrantsRedcurrants not available,
Blackcurrants not available.
GooseberriesFinished, none available.