Pick-Your-Own Berry Farm

Organically grown for 35 years, our berries have never been sprayed.

We opened on Friday 3rd December 2021 but currently the berries are late to ripen so picking will not be available. But come visit the cafe and have a look around. And stay tuned for the berry availability

Open daily 10am to 4pm in season (except Wednesdays).


During the summer season our range of raspberries, cultivated blackberries and many other varieties are available for “pick-your-own”.

Berry Report

Check here for updates throughout the season

Last updated @ 2nd December 2021

RaspberriesJuvenile berries, waiting for more sunshine.
American Brambleberries Starting to colour but will not be ready for opening.
Boysenberries Juvenile berries, needing more sunshine.
YoungberriesStarting to colour but will not be ready for opening.
MarionberriesStarting to colour.
LoganberriesWallaby damage.

Blackcurrant/gooseberry cross
Still green.
RhubarbNot available for pick your own. Generous bunch - $8
Red & Black CurrantsRed currants starting to colour, blackcurrants green.
GooseberriesNot ripe yet.
PlumsNot available.