Pick-Your-Own Berry Farm.

Organically grown for 35 years, our berries have never been sprayed.

23/24 season – We have shut for the season. There is no picking available from Monday January 15th 2024.

During the summer season our range of raspberries, cultivated blackberries and many other varieties are available for “pick-your-own”.

Berry Report

Check here for updates throughout the season


Last updated @ 14th January 2024

RaspberriesSmall amounts, some rain affected.
Mostly inside canes.
American BrambleberriesSmall amounts of berries, some rain affected. Look under the bottom leaves.
BoysenberriesNone available.
YoungberriesSmall amounts of berries, some rain affected.
MarionberriesSmall amounts available.
LoganberriesNot available.

Blackcurrant/gooseberry cross
All picked.
RhubarbNot available for pick your own. Generous bunch - $8
Red & Black CurrantsRedcurrants ripe.
Blackcurrants ripe.
GooseberriesAll picked.

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