Crucible Cider & Berry Gin

Enjoy our range of Ciders and Gins, all handmade on the farm.

Crucible Cider

Traditional regional approaches of Normandy are reflected in our range of vintage ciders. Our range includes Traditional Dry (bone dry, typically 9-10% abv), Demi-Sec (just off dry, again 9-10% abv) and Perry (a dry style but with a natural mellow sweetness).

We use 28 varieties of organically-grown heritage English and French cider apples. These are hand-crushed in small batches on-farm. The ciders are made using champagne yeast via methode traditionelle, just like champagne.

This results in an authentic, dry character with a pleasing, seasonally variable, optimum of bitter-sweet, bitter-sharp flavours. It has a long tannin finish and well rounded flavour profile. This cider has a savoury minerality derived from our “terroire” that grows on you.

Note there are NO added preservatives, or any other “stuff” in any of our ciders. Serve Crucible ciders cold.

“A benchmark example of what cider really should be” – The Naked Hungry Traveller

“The Crucible cider is the real deal” – Max Allen, The Australian Gourmet

Berry Gin

Our unique Berry Gins – made from berries hand picked at Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm & Cidery then steeped in  a pure London Dry gin made to order by our friends at Logans Microdistillery in Geelong. To be savoured chilled, straight as an aperitif over ice, or spritzed with a dash of cold soda water.

Raspberry gin

A real shot of true raspberry flavour. Marvelous!

Brambleberry gin

This is Campari on steroids, if you like the Italian style, you’ll love this!

Boysenberry gin

Beautiful deep blackberry flavours, just like the real berry – lovely!

Marionberry gin

Unctuous layers of rich blackberry that just keep going – smooth!

Jostaberry gin

Half blackcurrant and half gooseberry – savoury, sweet and sour! Great with a Thai green curry.

Otways Mountain Pepperberry

A start of anise, with a power pepper finish. Great with tomato juice!