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Pick-your-own Berry Farm

 The 2017/18 season is now open.

Please note entry for PYO is $5 per head this year, except for children under 5 and Friends of Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm.


Organically grown for 32 years, our berries have never been sprayed.
During the summer season our range of raspberries, cultivated blackberries and many other varieties are available for “pick-your-own”.


A slightly wet but terrific start to the season. All the berries are now well into fruiting, with seriously good amounts of crop showing.  The first week has been a cool, mildly damp start but has been perfect picking weather. The cool weather is holding the ripe berries in very good picking condition. Raspberries and brambleberries in particular are prolific at the moment and picking is seriously easy. So if you want large amounts, now is the time to come pick before next week when holiday crowds begin to build up.

      Berry Report      

Check here for updates throughout the season (Last update @ 8.00 am 14.12.17)

Raspberries HEAPS of ripe fruit
American Brambleberries HEAPS of ripe fruit
Boysenberries Good amounts of fruit, more coming on.
Youngberries V. good amounts of ripe fruit
Marionberries First fruit, more coming on
Loganberries V. good amounts of ripe fruit
blackcurrant/gooseberry cross
Heaps of fruit, ripening well and first pick now available.
Strawberries V good amounts of ripe fruit
Red & Black currants Lots of ripe red currants showing, blacks nearly there.
Gooseberries Good amounts of fruit, more coming on
Plums Not ripe yet


– Everything on our property is, and always has been, grown organically –

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