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Pick-your-own Berry Farm

 The 2016/17 season has now closed.

We remained open till Sunday 22nd Jan. and then closed for PYO.

Organically grown for 31 years, our berries have never been sprayed.
During the summer season our range of raspberries, cultivated blackberries and many other varieties are available for “pick-your-own”.


All the berries have ripened properly now and reasonable picking quantities are available. It remains a very slow ripening season and ripening rate has only just kept up with the picking. While the easy surface pick is gone, the short closure this week has allowed the berries to progress well, with very good picking across all berry types. A large amount of unripe fruit still remains, so as we've not been able to pick ourselves during the season, we will now work to pick for our own requirements over the coming few weeks. 

      Berry Report      

Check here for updates throughout the season (Last update @ 8 am 23.1.16)

Raspberries Picking complete
American Brambleberries Picking complete
Boysenberries Picking complete
Youngberries Picking complete
Marionberries Picking complete
Loganberries Picking complete
blackcurrant/gooseberry cross
Picking complete
Strawberries Picking complete
Red & Black currants Picking complete
Gooseberries Picking complete
Plums Virtually no fruit this year.


– Everything on our property is, and always has been, grown organically –

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